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Troy Kawyuk Fitness and Training success

Troy Kawyuk: Transformation Story

Troy Kawyuk is living proof that you can achieve anything you want when living with diabetes. The 47-year old diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in June 2012, two weeks shy of his 44th birthday.

He believes that living with type 1 diabetes is an “interesting challenge” but that the right attitude and, in his case, rediscovering his passion for fitness helps to lead a normal life.

“It gives you something to look forward to and you don’t wallow in self-pity,” says the the former Personal Trainer. He checks his blood glucose levels regularly , making sure he doesn’t develop hypoglycaemia (‘hypo’, caused by low blood glucose levels). If left untreated, hypoglycaemia can lead to serious medical problems including loss of consciousness, convulsions or seizures requiring emergency treatment.

He often involves his trainers in his diabetes management and jokes that they help keeping him alive. Since changing to a low carb/high fat diet and after a period of adaption, he was able to reduce his insulin intake. He now only injects long-acting insulin at night, instead of having needles at every meal. This has given him greater flexibility in his diabetes management whilst being able to train fully at high intensity, without losing strength.

Troy is well aware of being a role-model for young people living with diabetes. “I really enjoy being able to tell them about my story and that with careful management, they will be able to live a completely normal life,” says Troy.

Similar to how professional athletes with diabetes work with a team of coaches an exercise experts, we encourage you to find your support team

When Troy first came to Gymbox he was not confident he could achieve his goals, the belief that he could gain muscle and strength had vanished with the onset of Diabetes. The loss of 40lbs since his diagnosis and the lack of confidence and self esteem were hard for friends and family to witness. Fitness was always part of Troy’s lifestyle, living healthy and eating healthy made the diagnosis even harder to accept and understand. The question was why, the myth is “this only affects the unhealthy and over weight”, not true.

The journey back to being fit and healthy has not been easy, but Troy found the right coach and Trainer Max d’Albiac.

As they began to work together and build the ever important trainer and client relationship, it became apparent to Max that Troy could accomplish his goals and had the stamina to train harder than he realized. Starting with two sessions a week, very quickly Troy started to feel empowered and was in the gym 5 days a week training with Max and following the program that was set up for him on his own 3 days a week. Combined with nutrition guidance, very quickly the gains that Troy was making became very obvious.The muscle development and size gains were drastic as you can see from the pictures. He became known as the big guy in the club, the results that Troy’s hard work and Max’s expertise produced prove that in the right atmosphere, with the right team, you can accomplish your goals.

The results that Troy’s hard work and Max’s expertise produced prove that in the right atmosphere, with the right team, you can accomplish your goals.

The most important change is the ability to manage the disease, and the confidence that comes with that to live your life to the fullest.

From Trainer Max:

The Troy I first had a consultation with was definitely lacking in confidence and unsure about the results he would be able to achieve, and after what He has had to go through been diagnosed with diabetes it was no surprise!

However, the Troy I know today is confident, Healthy and has a spring in his step and that is so rewarding to see and exactly why I do this job. The journey wasn’t without bumps in the road though! We had to work around old injuries, low mobility and difficulties in nutrition alongside the diabetes but we took everything one step at a time and everything got better and Troy became bigger and stronger. With my training I like to take an approach where I keep the routine changing constantly whilst still working towards the same goal this way we’re always keeping the body guessing and keeping the workouts interesting for the client and in this case it worked perfect for Troy as in the past he had only really followed simple body building routines with straight sets that his body would adapt to quickly.

Performing lots of slow tempos, pyramids, drop sets and a constant increase in weight gave the desired effect shocking the muscles to grow and Troy’s body started changing quickly with big gains in strength and size. With the main goal been to add muscle mass, in only 12 weeks we managed to add 18lbs to the scale of which was quality muscle whilst keeping added body fat to a minimum.

Total Muscle Gain

Chest: 4 inches

Shoulders: 4.5 inches

Left Arm: 2.5 inches

Right Arm: 2.6 inches

Left Quad: 2 inches

Glutes: 3 inches

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to help Troy with his journey back to having confidence in himself and the physique he desired and I’ve made a great friend along the way! But this is only the beginning of his journey now he’s back on track and ready to smash some more goals.


Start Weight: 207 lbs

Finish Weight: 226.6 lbs

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