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Daniel He fitness success story

Daniel He: Transformation Story

Daniel came to us with a goal of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. We worked with him over a 15 month period to train his body, and more importantly create positive patterns for his life. Here is how we positively impacted his life and health:
“After deciding to lead a healthier lifestyle, I started training with GYMBOX. They provided me with excellent guidance to succeed in the gym and also helped me with my nutrition too. Even on days when I was feeling exhausted from work, they worked with me on lifting and leg regimens focusing on form rather than cardio.

Thanks GYMBOX!” – Daniel He

In 15 months, I went from 233 pounds to 186, and I have the GYMBOX team to thank for that. They consistently pushed me to be better and set new goals to break. I am more confident and better person because of it.

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