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Caught dreading your trips to the gym? Fitness & fun should be synonymous. If they’re not, we have a solution for you. All of the GYMBOX group fitness classes bring the intensity and 1-on-1 feel of a personal training session, and combine it with the fun and motivation of a group class. Without a doubt, we offer the most intense, creative group fitness classes in Vancouver! Come and experience it for yourself. Our talk isn’t cheap!

Knockout Fitness

Sculpt your ideal body with help from our experienced boxing trainers. In this class, you’ll learn fundamental boxing techniques that will leave you with a toned, firm new figure. This class is sure to have you rolling punches and dishing out KO’s in no time!

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Muay Thai Boxing

Learn fundamental drills, offensive and defensive footwork, proper form for punches, kicks and knees as well as loads of cardio and conditioning. This is the class where you don’t have to be a fighter to look like one.

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Group training helps you stay focused

Training Day

Done in circuit training fashion, this explosive fitness class integrates sweat inducing boot camp style techniques with all of our best state-of-the-art equipment. This class is perfect for anyone seeking to shed weight, while strengthening their body and mind. This class is tough, but trust us, it’s worth it! (Speed and Agility, The Combine)

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TRX is now at Gymbox

TRX Classes

With our TRX classes, your body weight is all you need for an intense workout! Our TRX fitness class provides a thorough workout by leveraging gravity against your body weight. This popular workout technique is sure to increase your overall strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance and core stability.

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Weight Lifting

Build that strong core you’ve always dreamed of! The focus in this class is on building your body from the ground up. Instead of working on isolated muscle groups, you’ll experience a comprehensive full-body workout. After just a few classes, you’ll start to enjoy powerful shoulders and washboard abs! (Pure Lift, Muscle Max, BLT, 6 Pack Abs)

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A high intensity interval training class combining basic strength moves and tough cardio blasts, interwoven with painfully brief periods of rest (…well SOMEtimes there’s rest!) Be prepared to push your fitness capacity to its limits. (HCSC, Extreme Circuit, Max Conditioning, Total Body Toy Box)

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Barre Fitness

Footwork like a ballerina, muscles like a ball player! This class is all about combining fat burning exercises with classical ballet movements. It will leave you looking as lean and toned as a prima ballerina.

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The GYMBOX Difference.

At GYMBOX, we’ve managed to create an atmosphere wherein energy constantly pulsates and everyone enjoys their own personalized workout. As part of the GYMBOX family, you’ll enjoy all of this in our great variety of high-energy classes, personal training sessions, or just on your own.

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