Nicki is a pulsating ball of energy. It’s common to see her trademark smirk during one of her grueling 6am workouts, and sometimes you’ll even hear an energetic  “Whoop! Whoop!” as she crushes personal best after personal best. 

This infectious energy is one of the many reasons why she is an incredibly caring and inspiring personal trainer. She’s never been afraid to march to the beat of her own drum, whether that is through sport, or one of the many other areas in life that she excels.

Because of traumatic events in Nicki’s childhood, she has learned to use physical activity (she’s played a ton of different sports including gymnastics, soccer, ringette and hockey) to learn about the benefits of hard work, dedication, teamwork and structure.

Over the last few years, Nicki has enjoyed kickboxing/Muay Thai and MMA to assist her in stress management by releasing her built up aggression/frustration in a positive manner. And if you’re wondering, Nicki is a HUGE Canucks fan (you’ll never see her without her jersey on game days).

Nicki has been working full-time in the fitness industry for over a decade. She wears many different hats here at Gymbox. She has found great personal satisfaction in assisting in the daily motivation of her clients to reach their personal fitness goals.

Due to an injury sustained when she was young, Nicki was forced relearn the fundamentals of breathing and how to engage her core. Overcoming this obstacle at such a young age gave her an acute understanding of what it takes to, as well as the fulfillment you get from, achieving personal goals.

Instead of only focusing on the physical aspects of your body, she takes time to integrate social, mental, and emotional elements into her programs. If you ever want to learn more about her story, she is always willing to share in the hopes it will help others to keep pushing hard to achieve their goals.

Nicki is one of our best personal trainers
Nicki's Motivation
Sometimes a few wise words are all you need to get you up and moving. Win the day!

“Live every moment as if it were your last.”

- Unknown

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