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Survivor: At Gymbox in Vancouver

Gymbox Fall Survivor Challenge

While the labour day weekend heralds for many the end of summer and a certain sense of melancholy, we here at Gymbox have an affection for the coming shift in seasons. What could possibly have us enthused at the prospect of summer’s end? Nothing other than the Fall Challenge, of course!

Now an annual tradition at Gymbox Fitness, the Fall Challenge takes a different form every year. This year our theme is Survivor, complete with team challenges, idols, and buffs like the TV show of the same name. The games will officially kick off September 25th and draw to a close October 28th with our big Halloween Bash Party. But what exactly does it all entail?

The primary focus of this year’s challenge is an obstacle course cleverly constructed by the Gymbox Staff. Challenge participants will run the obstacle course as often as they choose (at least once a week, though), trying to shave precious seconds off their time with every pass. They won’t be in it alone, either! Participants will be grouped together on teams, each lead by one of our in-house trainers. Each of the team leaders will also be participating by running the course every week. Their time will get tallied into the overall team average, so their reputations are at stake too! At the end of the challenge, the team with the fastest average time through the obstacle course will reign the champions.

Easy, right? Wrong! There are additional challenges over the course of the month designed to keep the competitive spirit alive and add some interest to the race for the best obstacle course time. There will be weekly idol challenges allowing the winners to add five seconds to any competitor’s time, and also immunity idols hidden in the gym allowing you to add three seconds onto another team’s time. In addition, there will be two outdoor bootcamp classes per week (rain or shine, true Survivor style!) Participation in the bootcamps can help your team earn the right to shave time off their final obstacle course time.

Not only will there be a team win for the team with the fastest time, but so too will there be an individual winner for the whole challenge. Each team will nominate one member to put forward as their candidate, who will then be announced at the Halloween Bash on October 28th (note: you MUST be present at the party to be crowned the individual winner). This winner always goes home with a big prize, and 2017 will be no different!

The challenge is open to members and non-members alike, so if you have a friend with a competitive spirit who wants in on the fun they can participate for $129. Their entry fee gains them full access to the gym and classes during the challenge, and of course gets them an invite to the Halloween party and a chance at the big grand prize draw.

Speaking of party, those of you who were at our Halloween bash last year can attest to its over-the-top scale. This year promises to be even bigger and better, with everyone in costumes, a full graveyard “set” where professional free photos will be taken, a DJ, dancing, and of course beverages and food! Costumes are Monster Mash themed, so find your inner monster and dress accordingly. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes!

If you’ve been in the gym recently, you’ll notice that us trainers are already full steam ahead with our obstacle course efforts. We’ve already set the whole shebang up a few times and begun recording our best times, which you’ve seen written up on the mirrors in the gym. Here you’ll also find the team names and members written, and you’ll notice that some of the teams are already full! So if you think you might be interested in having tons of fun, honing your speed, agility, strength and stability skills, and want a shot at that big grand prize (Mexico? Did I hear someone say Mexico?), get yourself into the gym and get your name up there!

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