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Why should you use a personal trainer

Why Work with a Personal Trainer?

At Gymbox Fitness we have a whole roster of fun and challenging classes designed to appeal to different tastes and needs. While this means that we have an enthusiastic and fit community of members, it can also sometimes mean that people miss out on the benefits of personal training. As one of our team of knowledgeable and skilled personal trainers, let me take a few moments to share some of the reasons why one-on-one training could be a good match for your needs.


Almost every motion we make in day to day life occurs in the forward plane of movement: walking, going up stairs, staring at computer screens, and constantly checking our phones are all activities that require us to look or move forward. While many of us don’t give these actions a second thought, trainers do. All of these motions can contribute to a forward rounding through the shoulders, pulling unnaturally on the spine and potentially leading to at best discomfort and at worst, chronic pain. Nerves in your upper back and neck are responsible motor function through the arms, wrists, and hands. This means that when they are negatively affected by poor posture, you may experience numbness, tingling, pain, or even carpal tunnel syndrome. Misalignment through the spine can also lead to foot pain, and even result in trouble sleeping as your body is prevented from being able to fully relax. Now you can see why us trainers care so much about your posture! It’s our job to assess your movement patterns and alignment, taking into consideration your day to day activities and putting it all together to create a movement plan for you that leads to a balanced, functional body.

Strengthen Weaknesses

Some people, even gym-goers, start to worry when trainers talk about strength improvements. They get visions of pumped up muscles and worry we’re going to turn them into “meatheads”. Not to worry! As trainers, we identify which muscles in your body are stronger than others and which have some catching up to do. Catching up the lagging muscles will not only make day to day tasks like walking uphill and carrying groceries that much easier, but it will also prevent imbalances from occurring and causing problems such as pain or potential injury. Improving your strength will rev your metabolism, help maintain bone density, and can reduce signs and symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis, depression, and diabetes.

Help Meet Specific Goals

Not everyone comes to the gym for the same reasons. Some people are looking for weight loss, others for muscle gain, others are training for a marathon, and others still are looking to increase their flexibility. Whatever your personal reason, working with a personal trainer will ensure that you have a program designed specifically for your goals, and one that will get you there as fast and safely as possible. Instead of spinning your wheels wondering which class will best help you shed pounds, or how many times a week you should be working out, why not let your trainer guide you through the process by creating workouts just for you? You’ll be pushed to your individual limit, ensuring you reap maximum benefit every single time you hit the gym.


Some of us jump out of bed and can’t wait to hit the gym first thing in the morning (like the crew of trainers here at Gymbox!). But for those of you who aren’t so eager to get through those doors, having a personal trainer can be exactly the accountability measure you need to help you see results. Left to your own busy schedule and the distractions of day to day life, it’s easy to let your workout become the thing that gets pushed aside. Soon it’s not just one workout you’ve missed, but week after week of workouts. Your progress has stalled and you may be left feeling frustrated. Having a personal trainer is setting a gym date not only with yourself, but with someone who has reserved an hour of their day just for you. When you take into consideration the value of someone else’s time, along with the money you’ve invested, it’s unlikely you’ll skip out on any workouts!

Recovering from and Preventing Injury

Trainers are exactly that: trained! We’re professionals who understand the mechanics of movement, which means that working with one of us is a way to ensure you push yourself and progress towards your goals safely. We know the building blocks of exercise, and while you may be keen to squat your body weight or compete in a triathlon, we know exactly what steps you need to take in order to get there without compromising the health of your body. What’s more, if you’ve experienced an injury of some kind, we know how to get you a workout that will aid your recovery process instead of hindering it. Recovery is a fine balance of pushing oneself, but in the right direction and not too hard. Trainers can guide you through that process and offer you peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands.

Prepare you for Other Activities

Plenty of Gymbox members started out as personal training clients who were unsure if they could tackle our demanding classes. They used their one-on-one training sessions as a launching pad for improved strength and cardiovascular endurance so that they felt confident and capable when they were ready to jump into classes. In much the same way, personal training sessions can be used to prepare you for the things you love to do outside the gym. Whether you hike, rock climb, play volleyball or hockey, swim, bike, golf, or participate in any other active hobby, training for that hobby will give you the satisfaction of excelling at something you love and has the added benefit of making your chosen activity even easier to enjoy. It’s a win-win!

While there are lots of great reasons to work with a trainer, making sure you find the right one is important, too. You want to work with someone who understands what motivates you, and whom you feel comfortable with. If your trainer has a drill sergeant style but you respond best to gentle encouragement, you won’t work well together as a team. Make sure to meet your potential trainer first and go over your training objectives with them. A good trainer should be able to map out a plan to get you there and be enthusiastic about the journey ahead. They should be confident in their ability to get you to your fitness goal and should make you feel at ease and supported for the work ahead.

If you’ve never met with one of our Gymbox trainers one on one, why not see what a workout is like when you have our undivided attention? Many of you know us from our classes, but each of us trainers has a slightly different methodology and comes from a different athletic background. If you’ve never tried personal training with us before, get in touch for your complimentary session. See the difference one on one training can make firsthand!

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