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Let’s Talk Bananas

At Replenish Smoothies we have a whole host of delicious smoothies filled with quality, nutrient rich ingredients. You may have noticed we are especially fond of one particular star ingredient here at Replenish, though: the banana. But why is that?

You’ve probably been told at some point or another that a banana is a good snack before a workout. Or after a workout. Or during a workout. Are you beginning to see a trend here? Bananas are the athlete’s ally in training fuel and recovery. They are primarily composed of healthy carbohydrates, and given that carbs are the body’s preferred source of energy, bananas are a snack sized, pre-packaged hit of low cal fuel to boost you through your workout. What about afterwards? Why are they good for recovery, too? Those same carbohydrates that help give you energy for your workout are also utilized by the body post workout. Exercising, especially at high intensities, depletes your body’s stores of carbs. Restoring these reserves of energy post workout helps prevent your body from looking elsewhere to find it, allowing your muscles to grow instead of wither in the absence of proper nourishment. When carbohydrate stores are too low, muscles can enter a catabolic state whereby the body pulls amino acids and protein from the muscles to generate glucose as a form of fuel. Why risk undoing your hard work in the gym when you could prevent it with a quick snack containing carbs?

Furthermore, bananas are a great dietary choice for their quality composition. They are decently high in fibre, contain potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. They are a source of antioxidants, and are also low in fat. Their potassium helps to stabilize blood sugar and plays an important role in muscle contraction and relaxation. There is also evidence that potassium helps reduce muscle cramps. Studies suggest that magnesium plays a positive role in exercise performance and reduces inflammation. B6 helps to protect the immune system, improve PMS, and helps normalize your sleep-wake cycles. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and is often used to help fend off the common cold.

If you aren’t swayed by all the evidence that bananas are a valuable source of nutrition and energy, they are at the very least, simply a delicious option for a fruit choice. Hence why they’re in every single one of our Replenish smoothies! (With the exception of one: the Amazon). So the next time you’re headed to the gym, bring a banana or grab a smoothie at Replenish!

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