Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition, an industry leader in healthy eating and lifestyle coaching. Precision Nutrition is the only nutrition certification company in the world that successfully coaches real clients, every single day.

After spending almost a decade in the constantly evolving fitness industry I have learned the one thing that will always remain true is  in order to reach your fitness goal you need to  work on every contributing factor, 

Including but not limited to Nutrition, Mobility, Flexibility, Resistance Training and Cardiovascular Training

With this in mind, our focus at In Shape has always been to continue to learn as much as we can about how the entire body works and assist each individual with all of their health and fitness areas.


Our passion for continued education coupled with having helped such a wide variety of people over the years in everything from older adult training, injury rehabilitation, nutrition, stretch therapy, competitive weight lifting, advanced sports conditioning and more…

It gives us the ability to truly understand what you need to be successful and help you exceed your expectations of what you are capable of.

In-Shape truly believes that there is always a better way to train.  

There is always something we have not yet learned. 

…And we make it our priority to be ahead of the curve and provide everyone with the best the industry has to offer. 

James Panton

Precision Nutrition

I’m a Holistic personal trainer and founder of Holistic Happy Personal Training. I teach 1-1 training and small group personal training sessions that helps busy individuals achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time. By educating on the principles of proper nutrition, and correct form during exercise, I help clients unlock their physical potential, create positive lifestyle changes, and build the foundation for an extraordinary life. I specialize in building a strong fitness foundation with clients and utilizing a combination of metabolic conditioning/strength training to help them achieve their goals. My sessions are always full of high fives, sweat, and good vibes!
Small group personal training sessions are my absolute favorite way to train clients, the communal energy is infectious and I strive to create an environment where everyone can learn, grow, and get stronger together. So grab a friend, and let’s get started!

Marliese McGee

Precision Nutrition