Meet Our Trainers
Rakan Al- Muhaisen: I began my journey into the fitness industry 9 years ago after going through brain surgery, where I had a Benign Tumor in my pre frontal lobe. Fitness is a vehicle that allowed me to breakthrough my self imposed limitations. It helped me achieve a mind body connection that heightened my awareness of my physical and mental states. I believe in the synergy between the body and mind. Heal the body and the mind will follow, Heal the mind and the body will follow. I have been a professional fitness coach for the past 4 years. I am a certified trainer under the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. I work with professionals who lack confidence and experience discomfort form unwanted tension that creates a challenge when they attempt to strive for their desired outcomes.  I create an environment that allows them to breakthrough their set mental and physical limitations. So they can experience a life of confidence and freedom. 
Taylor Hill-
Paul Wadsworth: Paul Wadsworth is a personal trainer and life coach. He has a huge passion for helping others to transform their lives by creating greater health, happiness, and freedom. After experiencing the tragedy of losing a close friend in 2010, Paul has transformed his own life physically and mentally. He now enjoys helping others to live healthier lives through fitness and wellness. Having been involved with health and fitness from a young age, Paul has years of experience in the field of weight loss and building muscle. He has also competed in a men’s physique competition over in the UK. In his spare time, Paul plays football (soccer), enjoys the outdoors of Vancouver, plays the guitar, and loves to continue his self-development through seminars and courses.
Andrea Davis: Andi Davis is a fitness professional specializing in strength and conditioning, as well as MMA. She started her business, Train of Thought Fitness Inc. in December of 2011. Through training clients and herself she has witnessed the difference it makes to strengthen one’s mental fortitude. How she frames her programming and gets her clients to focus during their sessions changes the way they feel not only at the end of a session but how they tackle their day to day lives outside of the gym. True empowerment comes from changing someone’s perspective of their capabilities, allowing them to become physically and mentally stronger. She is infectiously passionate about her field, and equally dedicated to anyone that wants to commit their time to trying something new for themselves.
Carla McCallum - Carla McCallum is a Fascial Stretch Therapist, Professional Training Coach and Nutrition Coach at Your Peak Fitness. She holds certification with Canadian Society Exercise Physiology-CPT and FST level 1. Carla completed her Exercise and Wellness Diploma at the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence, she also holds a diploma in Sport Science. Carla delivers a diverse health approach to fitness, taking clients through specific goal oriented workouts, integrating Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions into her client programs, and delivering nutrition advice. She aims to build working knowledge with her clients especially when It comes to mobility through Fascial Stretch Therapy, she unlocks issues in the body that have been tight, problematic and painful; getting people back in action and moving forward towards their life goals. Carla grew up in Chilliwack BC and went to school in Victoria at the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence. Outside of the gym, Carla plays many sports including competitive Women’s fast-pitch, soccer, and loves to snowboard. She has completely gutted and renovated a campervan which has been on her bucket list, she will embark on a road trip to California this summer with her partner, she also has a wild Chihuahua cross rescue which she loves dearly. She loves to travel to places in the world that allow her to have a new appreciation for the simple things in life.
Gerard Magennis: Gerard Magennis works with an extremely wide range of clients: from athletes, to actors, to your next-door neighbor and even his little sister. Gerard's ideal client is anyone with a goal, a positive outlook, and a willingness to work hard and have fun. That’s really it. Everybody is different, and every body is different, so his training programs are designed to meet client’s individual needs. But no matter who you are, he has a training plan that is safe, effective, fun and will work, if you do! You need a plan. Gerard's programs are structured to have you progressively build toward your goal. Anybody can yell at you and make you so sore that you can’t move. That’s easy. But why? Training should be safe. ‘Safe’ doesn’t sound too exhilarating, but results come from consistent hard work over time, and you can’t be consistent when you’re always getting hurt. Gerard's experience with his own injuries and clients with an injury background have led him to find ways to develop programs that deliver results while protecting your body and avoiding injury. Training should be fun. Gerard's programs are designed on simple, proven concepts that are always changing and evolving so you don’t get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing repeatedly. We will work hard, but also have fun! “I met Gerard & immediately felt comfortable. He assessed my strengths & weaknesses & made a program that was best for my personal fitness level. I completely trust Gerard & would highly recommend him as a trainer.” – Dawn W. My wife and I have been using personal trainers for a number of years and without doubt Gerard is our favourite. He is committed, engaging, respects your abilities and is extremely knowledgeable. Give him a try & you will not be disappointed.” – Dr. Garry L
Evelyn Calado: Evelyn has a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia and is currently completing her Master of Kinesiology degree focusing on strength and conditioning and coaching science. Her education culminated in obtaining a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Evelyn comes from a multi-sport background and competed at the National level as an amateur boxer for 8 years. Her experience combines both formal education, working with high level athletes and general population. She assists UBC coaching staff, working with varsity athletes and has also shadowed high level coaches in the industry, working with Pan American champions and Olympic athletes. Evelyn is Functional Movement Systems certified and is also a certified NCCP Level 2 Boxing coach. Evelyn likes to help athletes create a link between their sport and strength and conditioning; to help improve movement competency, prevent injury and create a sense of confidence so the client’s skills can be successfully transferred to their sport and everyday lives.
Andrew Ao: Through our adversities is our season for our biggest growth. I have been into fitness since I was 15 years old, and the reason was because I had an inferiority complex. I was always the smallest kid, and being bullied at that age I felt like I had the most to prove, which is why I got into bodybuilding. From it a passion grew, and it has been my saving grace for many occasions in my life. Life then presented me with another opportunity to grow, which was presented in the events of 5 rear end accidents. Going through pains such as lower back, shoulder, kyphosis (spine is curled forward), developing a stutter, low energy, and pretty much anything you name that anyone could face from a rear end accident I have been through. I had to see many different physio therapists, message therapist, and chiropractors to help me heal. I was blessed that I had a great foundation form body building and with he sprinkle of positive thinking I was able to heal. During the healing process it will caused a great interest in how to heal, maintain and move the body correctly. From this I have dived into many forms of therapy and systems that has helped us serve our clients on a higher level. So what we do now, is we are successfully helping working professionals improve their posture out of pain and dysfunction. Bringing the body back into alignment so that they can experience a life of freedom, vitality and relief.
Akeisha De Baat- Akeisha's background stems from over 17 years dancing and working with the body and all that it can offer and endure for over 17 years. After years of searching for treatments that could uncover the source of my 'chronic pains' I found FST in 2017. I am the first to admit that I was addicted to the temporary pain of some forms of treatment for years, but once I understood that perhaps no pain could offer results I'd never seen before, I was/am hooked. FST has been critical factor in my speedy recover and personal leaps in my own personal fitness goals and art form, giving me back and increasing my rang of motion, speed, agility, and strength that I had lost or struggled with for years. As a Certified Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist from the Stretch to Win Institute (STWI), I will assist your body through specific stretches to improve your mobility, help you prevent injury, recovery faster from training, and my favourite make you FEEL amazing. ALL GAIN - no pain!
Aoi Fujiyama: I had always been active even as a child, but really started getting more into fitness after high school. Just after finishing high school, I was living a very monotonous life. Eat, sleep, work, repeat, day in and day out. Then, one day, my sister (who is also a personal trainer) told me I should come by her gym some time. So I did…every day, sometimes twice a day. The gym soon became the part of my day that I looked forward to the most. I was working on a variety of different disciplines including lifting, circuit training, and kickboxing. Since I started my fitness journey, I’d been told by so many people that I should get my certification and become a trainer myself. So eventually, I did just that. I went online, found the ACE personal training program, and got my certification. I’ve been here at Gymbox since late 2016. I was just a member of the gym for the first two years, and only started working here mid-2018. Ever since I first stepped into this gym, I’ve felt like this is my home away from home. Everyone was very friendly and unlike many big box gyms, everyone knew everyone else. That’s one of the greatest things about being in a small gym like this one, the sense of community. Knowing that everyone around you cares about you and wants to see you achieve your goals is a great feeling. I always make sure that that attitude is reflected in my style of training. I love to teach people new skills and there really is no better feeling than watching someone learn how to do something that they have never been able to do before. So whether it’s learning proper squat form or hitting a bench PR, I’m very excited to help you get it! Although I’ve tried various forms of training, the two that I am most passionate about is (heavy) lifting and boxing/kickboxing. I’ve found that these two disciplines not only help build you physically, but mentally as well. Since I started lifting and boxing, I’ve felt so much stronger and more confident. I truly believe that the confidence that comes with bettering one’s body is something that everyone should experience. Not only for their physical health, but also their mental well-being.
Mark Suski: Since a young age Mark has always had a passion for athletics and was captivated by movement at a very young age. This led him to being a multi - sport athlete that competed at both a provincial and national level. Although these accomplishments were a great learning experience, it wasn’t until he was faced with a career ending injury in his knee that made him realize he needed to make some serious changes to his training and lifestyle. The passion to define total human optimization was ignited by these events and that fire burns brighter with each passing year. Mark is relentless about his approach to training and lifestyle management and lives life by example to make sure he is offering the highest tier of service. His approach is on the cutting edge of science and seen by many as alternative and holistic. Mark specializes in the Functional Patterns training modality and is an accredited Human Biomechanics Specialist in the organization. This approach looks at the body as an integrated whole rather than a sum of its parts. Furthermore, this approach works to improve one’s movement, pain, and habits to create a higher standard of living and build congruency between the mind and body.