Functional Range Conditioning

Functional Range Conditioning


Through our adversities is our season for our biggest growth.

I have been into fitness since I was 15 years old, and the reason was that I had an inferiority complex.  I was always the smallest kid, and being bullied at that age I felt like I had the most to prove, which is why I got into bodybuilding.  From it, a passion grew, and it has been my saving grace for many occasions in my life.

Life then presented me with another opportunity to grow, which was presented in the events of 5 rear-end accidents.  Going through pains such as the lower back, shoulder, kyphosis (spine is curled forward), developing a stutter, low energy, and pretty much anything you name that anyone could face from a rear-end accident I have been through.  I had to see many different physiotherapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors to help me heal.  I was blessed that I had a great foundation form bodybuilding and with the sprinkle of positive thinking I was able to heal.

During the healing process, it will cause great interest in how to heal, maintain and move the body correctly.  From this, I have dived into many forms of therapy and systems that have helped us serve our clients on a higher level.

So what we do now, is we are successfully helping working professionals improve their posture out of pain and dysfunction.  Bringing the body back into alignment so that they can experience a life of freedom, vitality, and relief.

Andrew Ao

Functional Range conditioning

After spending almost a decade in the constantly evolving fitness industry I have learned the one thing that will always remain true is  in order to reach your fitness goal you need to  work on every contributing factor, 

Including but not limited to Nutrition, Mobility, Flexibility, Resistance Training, and Cardiovascular Training

With this in mind, our focus at In Shape has always been to continue to learn as much as we can about how the entire body works and assist each individual with all of their health and fitness areas.


Our passion for continued education coupled with having helped such a wide variety of people over the years in everything from older adult training, injury rehabilitation, nutrition, stretch therapy, competitive weight lifting, advanced sports conditioning and more…

It gives us the ability to truly understand what you need to be successful and help you exceed your expectations of what you are capable of.

In-Shape truly believes that there is always a better way to train.  

There is always something we have not yet learned. 

…And we make it our priority to be ahead of the curve and provide everyone with the best the industry has to offer.

James Panton

Functional range conditioning

I began my journey into the fitness industry 9 years ago after going through brain surgery, where I had a benign tumor in my prefrontal lobe. Fitness is a vehicle that allowed me to break through my self imposed limitations. It helped me achieve a mind-body connection that heightened my awareness of my physical and mental states. I believe in the synergy between the body and mind. Heal the body and the mind will follow, Heal the mind and the body will follow.

I have been a professional fitness coach for the past 4years. I am a certified trainer under the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. I work with professionals who lack confidence and experience discomfort from unwanted tension that creates a challenge when they attempt to strive for their desired outcomes. 

I create an environment that allows them to breakthrough their set mental and physical limitations. So they can experience a life of confidence and freedom. 

Rakan Al- Muhaisen

Functional range conditioning